About Me




Looks like you’ve stumbled across my blog.

My name is Steph and I am a 19 year old undergraduate student majoring in CommArts.

I love having a place to express my thoughts which is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. The other reason I decided to create this blog is because I have yet to fully commit to something, from previous blogs to a youtube channel.

A little more about me…I am very interested in makeup and fashion. My interest in both started around my sophomore year of high school, when I came across makeup tutorials on youtube. Since then, the youtube beauty community has expanded immensely and I find it very inspiring. I do have a youtube channel myself, which I use more of a way to practice my verbal communication skills, than actually do makeup tutorials on.

Speaking of communication, I am majoring in Communication Arts. It’s actually quite ironic that I chose to study this, since I had a huge phobia of public speaking throughout my elementary school years. But, I believe in order to overcome our fears, we must face them straight on. And by doing so, I realized I actually like public speaking! ^__^

So in a nutshell, my social media outlets allow me to further develop my communication skills and “test” my ability to commit to something;; I hope you enjoy my blog!



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