My Favorite Lip Products

Hi everyone! I’ve had a productive day so far; I worked out and finished another episode of Dream High. I also finally started WGM featuring Sweet Potato Couple: Yonghwa and Seohyun. ^_^ I ate very healthily today & cleaned out the fridge so to top off this day full of productivity, I thought why not write a post? And then clean my makeup brushes and do my nails afterwards while watching WGM, Dream High, or Introduction to Architecture?

Enough with my blabbing. I actually thought of this post last night and took the pictures for it today.

~My Favorite Lip Products!~

My two favorite lip balms are Carmex Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Balm which does exactly what it claims to do! I apply this on my lips before bed, and the next morning I have soft lips. I also adore the EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. While it isn’t as moisturizing as Carmex, it’s a great balm to reapply throughout the day because it isn’t too sticky, which is what I find Carmex to be sometimes. And of course the cute packaging is a plus! ^_^

L-R: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 642 Nude Delight, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie, Lancome L’absolu Rouge lipstick in Rustique, Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Iced Teased and Stila Lip Glaze in 07 Grapefruit.

I don’t own too many lipsticks as I feel sometimes they are “too much” for everyday school. So I usually opt for affordable and natural colors that are perfect for everyday.

~Top 3 Favorite Lipsticks~

L-R: Carmex balm (color in the tube is similar to Vaseline, along w/ the consistency) Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight, Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie, Lancome L’absolu Rouge in Rustique, and EOS Lip Calm in Sweet Mint (has a more waxy texture in comparison to the Carmex)

~Now on to the swatches!~

Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie – I own three lip butters and this is definitely my favorite out of the three! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the lip butters since they are super popular and I can totally understand why! They offer good pigmentation and hydration at an affordable price. For me, lip butters lean more towards the tinted lip balm family than the lipstick family.  This glides on easily (but not as smoothly as the Rimmel lipstick). While the berry pigmentation is good, I find I have to smack my lips together after application to ensure that the color is evenly distributed and doesn’t look patchy.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight – This is absolutely my favorite lipstick! Being a Filipina with very yellow undertones, it was hard for me to find a nude lipstick that didn’t make me appear dead or washed out. Nude Delight is very pigmented and glides on my lips like butter! (I am assuming this is the case w/all lipsticks in the Moisture Renew line). It isn’t what one would think of a typical nude lipstick to be; it has peach tones in it…perfect for my skin tone! I highly recommend this lipstick! It’s super affordable. I got mine for less than $6! ^_^

Lancome L’absolu Rouge lipstick in Rustique – This is a beautiful pinky-muave lipstick. I wore this for my last high school homecoming and fell in love with it so much that I think I wore it everyday for two months straight afterwards. Lancome products are very luxurious, with sleek and expensive packaging. But I highly recommend that if you want to try out a high end lipstick it be one from the L’absolu range! This lipstick is super creamy and has SPF 12. It is definitely the most long lasting out of the three lipsticks mentioned w/amazing pigmentation! (Sorry the the messy swatch, I was in a rush >.<)


(swatches in the beginning of the post)

I am not a lipgloss person at all. My lips are quite full, so I actually prefer using products that can decrease their appearance instead of emphasize their fullness. My all time favorite lip glosses are:

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Iced Teased – As you can see, Iced Teased doesn’t offer much pigmentation; only a hint of light pink and a sprinking (that’s how few there are) of glitters. But it is very glossy and for days where I need a little bit of shine or extra something to my look, I take the tiniest amount of it and voila! I’m ready to step out of the door! ^_^

Stila Lip Glaze in 07 Grapefruit – This smells amazing! It smells just like a sweet grapefruit and is very long lasting. It is a very pigmented lip gloss; you only need the tiniest amount. I like this shade out of all the lip glazes I own because it is not too glittery and a little dab of it goes a long way. The light pink – coral compliments my skin tone and brightens up my face.

Well, those are my all time favorite lip products. While these make up about 1/4 of my collection, they are definitely my most adored and loved lip products. I usually have 2-4 of them in my purse 24/7. ♥

I also just wanted to say thank you for everyone stopping by and reading my posts. It really means a lot to me! ^_^ ♥

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Lip Products

  1. Great picks! Nude Delight looks really nice on you. I love the revlon lip butters too; it’s hard to pick just one favorite color though hehe 😛

    I still haven’t gotten around to watching Dream High yet. And I think Dream High 2 is already out!

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