My Life in Pictures ★ Week #2

~Currently listening to 아픈 사랑, Lovely Yours, Only You, and Dead Line from TK2H OST (still obsessed ♥).

Long time no post! It’s almost been a week since I last posted something; so sorry…I was having a mental block on what to write about. >.< In fact, I was hoping the next entry I’d write would be more “substantial,” not just one solely revolving around my week. Alas, it is what it is…

I went grocery shopping with my dad at the beginning and end of this week for baking ingredients & healthy veggies!

(…though baking + veggies contradict each other, right? XD)

My dad decided to purchase some crabs for dinner this past Tuesday; they were so alive and fiesty!

Whipped up some strawberry cream cheese cookies! I highly recommend you bake yourself a batch of these cookies! They are super easy to make and super yummy as well! ^_^ I had my mom bring a few to work.

Had my first job interview this past Weds! I didn’t get the job >.< but it was a good experience and I’m trying to stay positive about finding a job! ^_^

Oh, and please ignore my awkward facial expression. I needed to de-stress after the interview so I headed over to TJ Maxx,

blouse – Forever21
skirt – Kohls (ironic bc 2 yrs ago I bought this for a mock job interview at school)
sunglasses – Nordstrom Rack (Betsey Johnson)
bag – TJ Maxx (Nine West)

Fell in LOVE with a pair of Dolce Vita suede nude wedges. ♥♥

I had planned on baking Cho Strawberry Banana muffins to use up some strawberries but they were already expired so I replaced them with dried blueberries, and used Chobani blueberry greek yogurt instead of strawberry banana to make “Cho Blueberry Banana muffins”. They came out looking super adorable but taste wise I am not a big fan. These turned out super heavy and just…odd. But my family liked them so maybe it’s just me. XD

L-R (no flash & w/flash)
B – Don’t they look so adorable? They look like baby muffins marching forward? ^_^

DIY project for the week – bought a frame on sale at Michael’s and spray painted it to give it a shiny finish.

I failed at avoiding to get paint on the glass inside the frame (also failed at just taking the glass out) –> cleaning paint from glass –> two (cute!)  band aids 😦

Now you might be wondering what exactly I planned on doing with this frame.  What could I possibly want to frame…?

My Jo Jung Suk 조정석 pictures of course!

In case you haven’t noticed I am a hardcore/obsessed fan of his. ♥

I took the pic from this angle bc I wanted to “show off” how I finally organized my text books that had been collecting dust on the floor, lol.

Well, that’s it for this week’s entry! I actually finished Nobuta  wo Produce a few nights ago but I plan on doing a separate comparison post on that after I finish Dream High. I also didn’t include any non-baking food pictures because I plan on including them in my next Foodporn Friday post.

Till next time,

♥ Steph


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