Summer Diet Diary: Day 2

It’s almost been a month since my first entry.

I am sad to say I am nowhere near my goal. Instead of losing weight, I have actually gained nearly 2 lbs. 😦

This morning I weighed myself for the first time in weeks, with high expectations which were completely crushed. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning to double check and make sure this is an accurate recording. Last night I drank a lot of water and coffee ….late at night….so hopefully this is just water weight.

I am horrible at sticking to a diet, so two weeks ago I made this lifestyle plan. I haven’t been following it 100%, but it serves as a nice guideline. Starting today, I will follow everything on the plan though. I really want to lose five lbs by next month; this is just so frustrating. 

Sorry for the rant. It’s just that I’m always verbally complaining about my progress or lack of progress to family and I’d like to stop. So instead…I’m ranting on here. XD

Here’s a pic of the plan if anyone is interested. Keep in mind my weight now is almost two lbs heavier than listed.

Of course my goals have changed quite a bit also. But this plan should be very effective.

EDIT: I changed my food plan. Basically…

Breakfast – any cereal I like w/soymilk or oatmeal w/soymilk, flax seed & dried fruit

Lunch or Dinner (following foods) – sweet potato, hard boiled egg, fruits & veggies, some type of meat for protein

Snack – celery juice, yogurt, granola, crackers w/peanut butter

~ I am officially giving up coffee a bit ( only 2x a wk) and going to start drinking tea again

Till next time,



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