Foodporn Friday #1

Happy Friday! I just got back from a late night milk tea run, hehe. (diet – not goin so well >.< )Ever since I got my iPhone and downloaded Instagram I’ve been taking pictures of my food on a daily basis, even if there really isn’t anything special about what I’m eating every single day of the week. I thought I’d share my food pics of the week every Friday, and call the weekly postings “Foodporn Friday”. ^_^ I don’t think there is a single person in the world who can hate food, and I strongly believe people around the world come together by sharing food. ♥

(the pics aren’t necessarily in order; categorized by type this wk)

 Red Bowl~

top: (Tues) doesn’t look appetizing but this was super yummy! mixed some fresh sweet corn w/an organic hardboiled egg, cheese, and siriracha!

bottom: (Thurs) ran out of my healthy cereal and was craving something not so healthy >.< got Reese’s Puffs cereal after more than five years of goin without it!

Sibling Bonding~Wednesday

top: my bro and I slept in and decided to go out for a delicious brunch! definitely ate wayy too much!

bottom: after brunch I was craving cookies so we stopped by Panera; last time I’m eating these cookies…400+ calories each!!

Mochi Love ~

top: (Thurs) went to Red Mango with bro and dad! Dad and I shared a small original fro-yo w/mochi, strawberry tapioca, almonds, and chocolate covered pretzels ♥

bottom: box of mochi from Japan; gift from my aunt ^_^ soo delicious (esp the black sesame)!

Coffee ~

top: (Weds) Happy Hour at Dunkin! .99 for any sized iced coffee (i don’t like their iced coffee but for .99 on a hot day…)

bottom: went to McDonald’s 3x this week for coffee; finally venturing out of my comfort zone and ordering coffee w/a shot of vanilla instead of hazelnut.

Baking Season ~

 I know winter time is when most people bake like crazy, but for me it’s during the summer time when I’m out of school and have loads of free time.

Made some Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, always a hit at home! This time I baked the biscuits in a muffin tin and they came out looking super cute! ^_^

I just realized I used a million exclamation points…I guess food is that exciting? My diet has been goin okay…I could be doing better but this is much better compared to the food I was eating a few weeks ago. I have also started working out more which is a huge step for me! I was getting super lazy when sumer vacation started, but I’m slowly getting back on track. I join my parents on their nightly walks whenever they decide to go on one; the more exercise the better! It’s all about balancing exercising with proper eating, hehe.

Till next time,

Steph ♥


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