Summer Diet Diary: Day 1

Can you believe I’m writing this at 3:59am? While I absolutely love coffee, I failed to realize how strong the caffeine in Dunkin Donuts coffee is. I never had any problem falling asleep with Starbucks’ coffee no matter how late I drink it, so DD’s coffee at 8pm didn’t seem like a big deal. Unfortunately, this is not the case – I am wide awake at (now) exactly 4am. I think I’ll end up pulling an all nighter.( >.< ) If not, 1-2 hours of sleep, tops.

(…and being the hardcore Jo Jung Suk/Lee Yoon Ji/K2H fan that I am, I rewatched their final scene from ep. 20 three times around 3:30am…crazy, i know…)

One good thing about me being up late at night/morning? I am more productive with the entire household quiet and dark; all I can hear is my Proposal Daisakusen OST playing and birds chirping outside. This particular post’s (and summer series) main purpose is to serve as an intro to my  Diet Diary.

A bit of a disclaimer (if that’s the write term to use): I know I do not  need to go on a diet. I am not over the BMI level for someone my height, nor am I in anyway close to being chubby. But for the past two years I have really wanted to slim and tone down. In other words, get rid of the unwanted and unnecessary fat. It has been a struggle, with me losing a couple of pounds and then getting lazy and gaining them back; up & down…..—> I need to be more disciplined.

I run on the treadmill 4-5x a week, but have been slacking these past two weeks due to…laziness. *sigh* I have also been eating junk food (I usually don’t even go near it) because I’m on summer vacation and grab for whatever food is in the house.

So my “method” to lose 6 lbs this summer is quite simple: exercise more & watch my food.

Like I said, I do run. But I need to start lifting so my arm fat disappears; I absolutely hate my arm fat! >.< I need to start hula hooping again as well. It doesn’t do much for losing weight, but helps slim down the waist!

When it comes to food, I plan on not eating past 6pm and drinking green tea every morning. I’ll start to wake up early so that I can eat oatmeal/cereal for breakfast again. Basically, I’ll just exercise more and drop the junk food.

One little problem. I baked a cake for my dad’s birthday this past weekend, and have containers of chocolate ganache and homemade frosting in the fridge that have to be used up ASAP; along with a box and a half of Bisquick, buttermilk, and cream...”wonderful” diet ingredients. Which means I can’t entirely give up everything unhealthy, but I can drop junk food as in store bought cookies and chips. Moderation is key.

Anyways, this is more of a rant post than anything else. No real substance in this I said it is just going to serve as a Diary for me this summer…so if you like, follow it. Maybe you will eventually gain some tips and tricks in diet/fitness! ^_^



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