Current Wish List ♥

I have banned myself from shopping this entire summer. Ok, maybe I haven’t but I still do plan on saving my money and start “shopping” in my closet more. I am actually starting my summer diet tomorrow, so I am excited to see if I fit into some clothes that have been a bit too snug on me the past year.

Taking a break from shopping in no way means I need to take a break from window, or, online browsing-shopping! Here are a few items I am currently obsessing over!

Forever21: Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress – $22.80

The dress looks rather plain, which is why I am attracted to it; it’d be the perfect canvas to an outfit! I think the overlaps would flatter and conceal any “after eating” effects.. XD I love the peach-nude color of it, and the delicate feel to the dress. Would be great for Sunday Church or brunch!

Forever21: Striped Cutout Shoulder Shirt – $17.80

Forever21: Striped Cutout Shoulder Shirt - $17.80

I am totally loving the whole blouse trend! Blouses look so smart, and this one has so many things going for it. I like how the stripes are more narrow on top, gradually getting wider as you go down, so flattering! I love the exposed shoulder and the color combo of black & white is classic. This shirt has so many things going for it, I might just have to purchase it!

Forever21: Wild Leopard Print Shift Dress – $19.80

What’s there NOT to love about this dress?! It’s leopard print and has zippers! Now, I don’t know if those are actual zipper pockets but nonetheless, this is just TOO cute to pass up! I’d probably wear it as a tunic with some liquid leggings and Jeffrey Campbells (dream outfit, since I don’t own any JCs).

H&M: Leopard Print Top – $24.95

In my opinion, this is a more sophisticated version of the top shown above. It’s made of chiffon so it has a sheer black back and is more flowy than the Forever21 top. I think this would be more versatile, so I’m a bit torn between the this and the F21 dress at the moment.

There’s my current wish list as of today; May 20th! I bet the list will end up getting longer as I do more “online-window shopping”!

What’s on your current wish list? Feel free to share with me in a comment! I think I’ll be doing these type of posts more frequently as they’re a lot of fun for me! ^__^

Well, a nasty thunderstorm is literally about to hit my area so I’ll stop writing for tonight!

Till next time,

Steph ♥


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