Nail of the Day & Update

Long time no writing…

…which means I’m currently having a writer’s block and can’t come up with a proper title to this post, so it’s titled the same name as my last one, except with a word swap.

It’s been a month (minus 2 days) since I updated on here; sorry! >.<

I was procrastinating on my school work like crazy before finals, and ended up rushing through every assignment I had due on the last week of school.

But I am now on summer vacation so I have all the free time in the world to blog… ^_^

I just finished the first week of summer vacation and I literally did not do anything but be a lazy bum. I spent my time eating delicious foods, hanging out with friends, and watching [themostamazingkdrama) King2Hearts non-stop! I’ve been impatiently waiting for episode 18 to come out with english subtitles because of a particular scene between the characters Princess Jae-shin & Eun Shi-kyung.♥♥♥♥♥..saving my crazy shipping of those two characters for the next post! ^_^

Anyways, I always feel like I am constantly saying that I won’t buy any more nail polish, but I just can’t seem to resist. *sighs*

About two weeks ago there was a deal at Ulta; buy 2 OPI nail polishes and get a free base or top coat. My justification for purchasing two nail polishes was that I had a gift card and I had run out of my crappy Ulta top coat (which does absolutely nothing when it comes to keeping my nails chip free).

I’ve been wearing one nail polish I purchased for a week and let me tell you, I am in ♥ with the color. I’m not someone who’s fond of bright neon colors for the summer, and this color just fits me…not too dark, not too nude, and not too “anti-summer”. It’s OPIS’s Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? from the Holland Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

I have failed to come up with a decent way of describing the shade/color of this nail polish. All I can say is that it reminds me of cement — pretty cement, that is.

Isn’t it such a lovely shade? I like to think of it as a gray nude polish…if that’s even possible.

Still trying to figure out how I’m supposed to hold the bottle when taking “swatch” pics….
~Depending on the lighting, the color can lean towards more khaki than gray.

So that’s it for now! Since I have had no luck in finding a job this summer, expect a ton of blog posts in the upcoming months!

~♥ Steph


3 thoughts on “Nail of the Day & Update

  1. This color is really cute! I wasn’t a big fan of the camel colored nudes, but recently I’ve started to think this is a really chic color, especially for work. I haven’t seen King2hearts yet, but I think I’ll check it out. I’m in need of a new drama to watch 😀

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