CNBLUE “Hey You”

I am so glad it’s finally Wednesday because that means my weekend is almost here! My weekend starts Thursday morning after my writing class so I am super relieved that I have less than 72 hours before I can chill at home and do nothing but bum around. What makes this week even more exciting for me is that it is CNBLUE’s comeback week! I mentioned my love for them in an earlier post, and the teasers for their new album and music video had me “fan-girling” hardcore. Yes, I do realize I am 19 years old and maybe I should be past the stage of going crazy over a band….but I cant help myself. The four boys each had their own teaser released one at a time as part of the countdown. I’ll share the one of Yong Hwa since he’s my bias! ^__^

(When I first saw his teaser I died and I may have re-watched it numerous times….)

Here is their new comeback single/MV for 2012. I love every CNBLUE song, and their Korean singles are so catchy, but I wish they’d be able to use their own original works as a comeback song. Their comeback songs are addicting, but I feel like we really hear and feel the true passion the boys have for their music in their own original works. But no complaints here! This music video is great and I love how carefree it is. And of course I couldn’t help it; my eyes naturally focused on Yong Hwa.

Well, that’s it for today. Till next time,



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