Slutty Brownies

Happy Friday! I can’t believe this week is almost over; it flew by so fast! I’ve been enjoying my spring break and plan to continue doing so for the last two days.

Ever since college, my friends and I haven’t been able to see each other as much as we’d like. Since that means we have lots of catching up to do, we usually decide to go to one of our houses and just chill. This last Monday we decided to bake some “Slutty Brownies”. It was easy to prepare and the wonderful smell of it from the oven was just too delicious. My friend Monica got the recipe from The Londoner, so if you like what you see..head on over to her blog and make your own batch of slutty brownies. We didn’t use the same exact cookie dough or brownie brands; it’s up to your own personal preference. ^__^


brownie mix after it was, well....mixed!


You just spread the cookie dough to cover the baking pan, then add on a layer of Oreos!


Finally you pour the brownie batter evenly onto toe cookie dough and Oreo do you see why there are referred to as slutty? Because you feel naughty just preparing them. :p

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished brownies! I am so sorry! I was just too infatuated by the wonderfulness & awesomeness of them. ^__^ Just head onto The Londoner to see the best dessert for breaking a diet!

My three friends each had one serving, while I had two (I couldn’t resist) and we were able to still divide the remaining brownies between us (by around 2 each). We ate these little dreams before watching the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, and let me tell you…thank God we did! Eating them calmed me down before I flipped out over who A turned out to be….(but honestly, I wasn’t that surprised).

Anyways…till next time,



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