Stuck in a Rut

I usually have numerous things to write on, but for some reason my mind is so blank today. I got up around seven as usual and dropped my brother off to school. After eating breakfast and catching up on youtube, I worked out. I usually work out after lunch, but I had a lunch date with some friends and knew I would end up coming home too late to be motivated to hop on the treadmill. Guess what….the lunch date got postponed to next week and now I am currently bored out of my mind. I have to pick up my brother from school in about an hour and plan to take a walk or hula-hoop before it’s time to pick him up. As for lunch…I settled for some Shin Raymun with an egg dropped in just before turning the heat off. I am dead serious. I love Shin Raymun. It is some pretty fab but not so fab for your body food.

I have been doing a lot of thinking, wondering what exactly I want to do with my life. At the young age of 19 I still have time to figure everything out, but I’m not getting any younger. I’m majoring in CommArts but don’t have an idea on what I want to do with a degree in CommArts.

This is a very selfish post. It’s my rambling over nothing specific. I just thought I’d take a little break before exercising again. I just know I really love:

food (i love to bake)

korean&japanese dramas


maybe I can venture into one of the three territories with my degree?

So till next time….



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