CNBLUE & My Love for Yong Hwa

Long time no post, eh? Not really, but I did say I would post more frequently and once a week was not what I had in mind. Since Saturdays and Sundays are my “rant” days I thought I would briefly write about my new found love for Korean band CNBLUE.

Yes, I know they have been around for quite some time but I just recently (two weeks ago) fell in love with their music. Around two years ago when I was just becoming interested in k-pop, I ignored CNBLUE because they weren’t the “typical” kpop music artists I had been exposed too. I am ashamed to admit that I ignored them for such a stupid reason, but now I can proudly say that this reason is also why I now LOVE them.

I started watching last year’s popular drama “Heartstrings,” which stars CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa. (I am currently still in the middle of watching ep. 11 because I am that slow). Long story short, I had an “ohemgee” moment and automatically looked up Yong Hwa on google, and decided to give CNBLUE’s music another shot.

Now they have been the only Korean music artists I have been listening to lately (with the exception of T-ARA and Miss A). I don’t know if it’s because I got older or because my music taste just changed, but I really appreciate CNBLUE’s music. It’s fresh, different, and super catchy! I love how they sing in Japanese and English as well, and the fact that they compose their own songs makes me respect them as artists even more. I feel as though the recent k-pop releases haven’t been very unique; similar tunes and concepts are being recycled over and over again.

(Let’s all sing along to catchy lyrics such as ” oetoriya oetoriya ddaribiriddaradu and “Digi Digi Bob Bob to the sound”).

Last night, CNBLUE had a joint concert with FT Island at the Nokia Theater in LA. Imagine how depressed I was knowing they were having an amazing concert in the US, still too far away from me. 😦

Click here if you’d like to check out some concert performances from last night; YONG-HWA!

Before I go for tonight I’d just like to add in that it was just announced that CNBLUE is having a comeback this month! I really believe this is perfect timing! I just so happened to become a huge fan right before they have a comeback. This is what you call fate&destiny.

Till next time (hopefully tomorrow!),

Steph ❤


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE & My Love for Yong Hwa

  1. Yeah they are really awesome, you should check out their video on youtube making the artist : CNBLUE, it’ll make you fall in love with them even more…. They are really good.. very different but still very relateable

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