[i’m back] Living a Coffee-free life


I’ve been gone for more than two months now. I don’t have a valid excuse for my absence. Sure, school, holidays, and such could be used as excuses – but let’s face it…I am just horribly lazy and cannot seem to commit to anything. This is my third blog and I was hoping to be more productive with it by now (let’s save this discussion for the upcoming post I plan on doing tonight).

The fourth post on this blog was about holiday coffee drinks. Ever since then, I have tried a good amount of Caribou’s drinks and even ventured into something at Dunkin’ that isn’t named “hazelnut coffee”. Aren’t you proud of me?

Well, guess what? It is Lent now and I have given up coffee. The first two weeks were horrible. After you depend on coffee to get you through your day for so long, you feel like you should be in a rehab of some sort after giving it up. I’m not going to lie. It’s hard to get through the WEEK without coffee. A few days is now bearable for me, but one whole week is a different story. There are lots of times that I want to fill my stomach up with something after a workout but not actually eat. I used to drink two cups of coffee with generous amounts of “bad for you but oh-so-good” creamer. These days I have yet to find a “proper” replacement.

In the mornings and afternoons I now drink a variety of teas such as oolong, green, and brown rice, but none satisfy my cravings for coffee. I cannot wait for Easter Sunday…

Anyways, I am done with my little coffee rant. I just wanted to write a little something up before my long upcoming post on “life”.



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