Holiday Coffee Drinks ♥

Ever since I started college I have been drinking coffee much more frequently. Throughout my high school years, my favorite place to get my coffee fix was Starbucks? Why? Because it was the popular place to sip on a mocha frapp while catching up with family and friends.

These days, I hardly go to Starbucks unless there is a special deal going on (like the buy one holiday drink, get the second one free deal). I much prefer Dunkin Donuts. It’s more affordable (esp. since Starbucks hot drinks seem to be 1/4 drink, 3/4 whipped cream). I love anything with Hazelnut flavor in it, so the large Hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar at DD is my new bff. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been venturing out and trying some of Caribou Coffee’s drinks. I usually don’t order the same thing twice at Caribou since I am still “exploring” their menu. Today after school I picked up a Dark Mocha; simple and classic – not too sweet since dark chocolate is used instead of milk or white. And I must admit, I really enjoyed sipping on this “uncomplicated mocha drink”!

Now I know I have not mentioned a single Holiday drink in this post…I really just wanted to mention how cute the Holiday packaging of coffee drinks are this time of year! Seeing them puts a smile on my face! 🙂

If anyone is curious, my favorite Holiday drink is still the peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I don’t recommend the peppermint mocha from McDonald’s at all…while it’s much more affordable, the peppermint syrup just tastes so artificial I can barely swallow it down.

Till next time,

Steph ^__^


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