Being Productive While Watching FOA ♥

I am ashamed to admit this. I LOVE watching Korean and Japanese dramas (that’s not what I am ashamed of) – but it could take me six months to an entire year to finish one. (<–is what I’m ashamed of, lolz). While the majority of dramas I have watched have been 9-28 episodes long, the Korean one I am currently watching is a whooping 50 episodes long! So..doesn’t it make sense that it is taking me a long time to finish this drama? I actually stopped watching this drama in June (I stopped in the middle of episode 21 I believe).

But around two weeks ago I decided to finish episode 21 and now I am about to watch episode 33. THIS IS A MILESTONE FOR ME! – haha. I am actually back on track with this drama because I discovered a way to stream it on my TV so I watch one episode while running. (YAY for more than one hour of exercising!)

Anyway, the fact that I can run while watching an episode makes me feel less guilty for watching a drama. Let’s face it – watching a drama takes up a lot of time out of your day, so why not do something productive and good for you while watching it?

I’ll do a whole review/write-up on the drama itself when I am finished…but for now (I honestly just wanted to rant a bit of my love for the treadmill – drama combo) here is a lovely promo pic that I absolutely adore! Yoo Seung Ho ♥ Seo Woo


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